Flyover Country Crew

Director Jim Fields JIM FIELDS (Writer, Director, Producer, & Editor)

A native of Omaha, Nebraska, Jim is a lifelong film enthusiast and self-taught independent filmmaker. His early films are documentaries, including the award-winning 416, (Best Feature and Audience Award Winner, 2005 Central Nebraska Film Festival, Best Documentary, 2004 Hardacre Film Festival, and Second Place Documentary Winner, 2005 Fargo Film Festival) which is about Nebraska’s amendment 416, one of the earliest bans of same sex marriage to be put in a state constitution, and the efforts to overturn it; Preserve Me a Seat, which is about the efforts to save classic movie theatres in America, including the Indian Hills Cinerama Theatre in Omaha, Nebraska, and, most recently, the award-winning documentary, Bugeaters (Best Documentary, 2011 Estes Park Film Festival), which is about the first decade of Nebraska football. Flyover Country is Jim’s first feature film. When he is not watching or making movies, Jim enjoys biking, collecting movie posters, and listening to music.

Shaun Vetick: Sifu SHAUN VETICK
(Co-Writer, Co-Producer, Fight Choreographer,
Sound Recordist, AD, & Actor)

Shaun has been acting since grade school and working in independent films for a decade. Shaun has acted in many local films and participated in crew for the local industry & Omaha Film Festival.
Shaun Vetick is a native of Nebraska but enjoys traveling. He has been to South America and Europe and is fluent in Spanish. Shaun has worked in the IT Industry for 15 years and currently does Quality Assurance for a Hematology Controls Laboratory in Omaha. Shaun is an expert instructor in Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) Kung Fu. He enjoys reading, movies, nature, science, invention, technology, martial arts and philosophy.

Neva Cozine: Co-Producer NEVA COZINE (Co-Producer)

Neva has been working in films in the Omaha, Nebraska, area for nearly 10 years. She was a production assistant on Nites of Ak-Sar-Ben, a sci-fi mutant action film directed by Anthony Fankhauser, and since then has been an art diretor, script supervisor, and set decorator on Bert, Out of Omaha (California Dreamin,’ For Love of Amy, Lovely Still, and Jim Fields’ Bugeaters. Neva as also directed and written two short films: Duval’s Gift, first place award winner at the Fort Omaha Film Conference and Edgar, Barbara, and Tuti, second place award winner in short films at the Middle of Nowhere Film Festival. In addition to co-producing Flyover Country, Neva is also the script supervisor and sole production assistant on the film.

Matt Patterson: Cinematographer MATT PATTERSON (Cinematographer)

Although he is not originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Matt has come to call flyover country his home. Matt studied video production and photography at Metropolitan Community College, where he made many connections in the local film community. Over the past few years, Matt has worked as a cinematographer on several short films, including The Legend of Israel Grimm, Happy Trails, and Epigram, and has worked on the feature films Trunk’d and 2001 Maniacs.

Dereck Higgins: Composer DERECK HIGGINS (Composer)

Dereck Higgins, born in Omaha comes from a musical/artistic family. Primarily a self taught musician is known for his bass playing skills but plays several instruments. Has been involved in a wide variety of bands and musical styles (rock, jazz, punk, electronic, funk, etc.) starting in the 70's. Bands of note are Norman & the Rockwells, Digital Sex, RAF, Disco Ranch, Son Ambulance, Cleemann, Rikk Agnew Fiasco, Paddy O'Furniture and currently InDreama. Has performed throughout the USA, Europe and Japan and appeared with artists such as REM, The Dead Kennedys, Weird Al Yankovic, Melt Banana and Laraaji. Recently started a record label (DVH Recordings) with four titles released so far to a small but worldwide fan base. Dereck creates much of the visual art on his records. Has also done wardrobe creation and supervision for film (Lovely Still, April Showers, The Scientist).

Mitchell McKeown: Makeup Artist MITCHELL MCKEOWN (Makeup Artist)

Mitchell was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. Completely self-taught, Mitchell has been interested in monsters and makeups since early childhood. Besides working on local films, Mitchell has volunteered at area haunted houses and the Lincoln and Omaha zombie walks. He currently lives in Lincoln with his wife Janelle and son Max.